Somalia 2016: Meet some of the possible candidates

Somalia 2016- Meet some of the possible candidates

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Xafiiska CYL ee Uppsala oo maanta xarigga laga jaray

Isniin,23 maarso, 2015 Uppsala: Galabta marka ay aheyd abaarihii 4tii galabnimo waxaa si rasmi ah albaabada loogu furay xafiiska xiriirka dibedda ee Central Youth Link (CYL) ay kuleedahay magaalada Uppsala ee wadana Sweden. Sida uu sheegay isku duwaha guud ee xiriirka bidedda waxaa uu noqon doonaa xafiiska Uppsala mid u quma xiriirinta deeq bixiyeyaasha.

Waxaa kasoo qeyb galay xafladda furitaanka Xafiiska CYL kudhawaad 50 dhalinyaro Soomaaliyeed oo daneynaya hawlaha ay CYL ka qaban doonto magaalada Uppsala.

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Raising Awareness and Creativity Enhancement (RACE): Help us help the Young Somalis

We are so pleased to have you join in our cause, a cause that can make a difference in mobilizing the young Somalis to shun away from taking part in armed conflicts in Somalia. Most of the young Somalis used in armed conflicts are either minor children that are not pretty mature or uneducated and those recruiting them are taking advantage of their naive state of mind. They indeed need our attention and assistance in mobilizing as well as making them aware of what is exactly is happening to them in using persuasive and educating messages.

It is in fact some sort of repeated mistakes time and time again. It is the older men those declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die (Herbert Hoover, 1944) in every armed conflict throughout the world. Since the end of World War II as well as the Cold War, internal and external armed conflicts have increased and they can no longer be limited to the notion of war between States but to a greater extent inter and intra states.

As it is obvious, it is still the youth that are fighting these wars. The International Convention on the Rights of the Child states that human beings under the age of 18 should not be directly involved in armed conflicts unless the legislation of the States involved dictates otherwise. And it is indeed so important to make the distinction between those involved voluntarily, particularly those over the age of 18, and those involved through forced recruitment.

At least 300,000 children under the age of 18 are currently fighting and
dying in 36 armed conflicts in various African countries, across Asia and in
parts of Europe and South America (World Vision International 1999).

Based on facts collected from Somalia regarding internal armed conflicts and youth involvements, Somalia is rated to be one of the worst countries in Africa where armed conflicts are pervasive. Many cases of minor children forcefully recruited go unreported and a number of Civil Society Officials working in Somalia on child protection and youth activities face killings, threats and/or intimidations almost on daily basis.

The situation was even exacerbated by the new Islamist groups wrestling in Somalia particularly in Mogadishu in order to control the old bloody capital city transformed into graveyard of the younger Somalis. There are some allegations that even point fingers to the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) in recruiting minor children in its fight against the Islamists groups. These minor children are in fact, fighting in front lines as well as in support roles however, there are very tiny trials to stop them take part in armed conflicts in Somalia. Awareness is one of the major tactics to tackle this issue and it demands a massive campaign to be launched and devised in order to mobilize the youth groups and all other concerned parts of the society to stop child soldiering and the youth in internal armed conflicts in Somalia.

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New Strategy to Resolve the Somali Conflict

Although written in 2010, it is still valid, relevant and up-to-date

The paper below written by Mohamed Abdullahi in April 2010 was partially adopted by the Government of Farmajo in that year, particularly in the security and welfare of the armed forces aspects. The incumbent president however, seems to have drawn much of his presidential speech from this strategy, but the question is, will his government be able to implement? Continue reading

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About us

Central Youth Link (CYL) is a Somali Youth Organization founded for the mobilization, identification, organization and the empowerment of the numerous Somali young people across the globe in order to facilitate and increase their participation in public institutions. Read more.

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